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Chinese doctors successfully reconstruct 78-year-old's chest with 3D printed thoracic cage
October 19, 2015 5408  
The TangDu Hospital in Xi’an, China is no stranger to 3D printing technology, as they have successfully performed several surgeries involving 3D printed implants. Not only have they incorporated...
Dr. Murtrie Treating PE Patients with Nuss
October 13, 2015 2543  
Even as a kid, Aaron Hollifield noticed he always had trouble exercising and playing sports. "At first, I thought it was just because I was lazy,"...
First ever pectus excavatum correction surgery with 3D printed titanium plate completed in China
September 14, 2015 4596  
"...doctors in the TangDu Hospital of the fourth Military Medical University in Xi'an city, Shaanxi province, China, have recently and successfully completed a complex pectus excavatum procedure in which...
September 09, 2015 4290  
I will never forget when my hospital door opened and in walked a Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon and his team. I was confused. Why was he here? I had just...
Hope for teenagers suffering from ‘Sunken Chest’ Syndrome
August 25, 2015 2502  
Pectus excavatum (PE), also known as “sunken chest” or “funnel chest,” is a birth defect characterized by a sunken sternum, or breastbone. It is fairly common, affecting one in...
"Workup of the Pectus Patient" Webinar Tuesday, Sept 15
August 25, 2015 2851  
"WORKUP OF THE PECTUS PATIENT" Sept 15, 7-8pm EDT on GoToWebinar - with LIVE surgeon, Dr. Michael Goretsky Our guest surgeon will be...
Teen with Pectus Excavatum Honored with Rotary Club Award
August 04, 2015 2800  
Although she could have shied away from the topic, she has chosen to share her story publicly, often blogging about her condition online. In an effort to help other...
A Breath of Hope: Woman awaits surgery for chest-wall deformity
July 12, 2015 2835  
Heather Sidwell Doan can’t wait to do what most of us take for granted: Draw a deep breath. The young mother of two has pectus excavatum,...
Pioneering chest deformity op carried out at Cardiff hospital
July 12, 2015 3633  
A Welsh hospital has become the first in the UK to offer a pioneering new treatment for patients with chest deformities. The first procedure at Cardiff's...
2 Teen Musicians Get Nussed and Change Their Lives for the Better
June 05, 2015 2916  
“It is close to a miracle as you can possibly imagine that she would meet Sam, that the mothers would then share information, that this support group kind of...
69 results - showing 41 - 50
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