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Teen’s medical condition requires lesser-known surgery
June 08, 2016 2465  
Like most eighth grade boys, Matthew Thompson, of Smithton, loves spending time at the baseball field or at the basketball court taking part in a game. ...
Non-Narcotic Nerve Blocker Can Reduce Pain, Shorten Hospital Stays for Nuss Patients
May 17, 2016 3619  
In a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Pediatric Surgical Association, researchers detailed how a more effective way of controlling pain has been developed, allowing children...
Hinsdale Central's Nick Midlash sets personal milestones after surgery
April 08, 2016 2626  
Over winter break in December 2014, months before his sophomore track season, Hinsdale Central's Nick Midlash had surgery on his rib cage because of pectus excavatum, a condition in...
Young girl with pectus excavatum and a broken ankle still finishes her race
Updated April 05, 2016 2875  
After stumbling twice on the rough terrain, Autumn thought she’d just badly sprained her right ankle. But a hospital X-ray later confirmed she had actually broken it -...
Gorlin basal cell nevus syndrome - a rare syndrome that includes pectus excavatum
April 01, 2016 2257  
Other symptoms may also occur in other organ systems. These include skeletal malformations and manifestations in the eyes, soft tissue, central nervous system, and endocrine organs. A review of...
Tim Melville overcoming odds, on brink of big-league debut
March 26, 2016 2419  
Tim Melville will often scan a crowd and find a kid that is just like he was. It’s a small thing and he can see it in their posture...
Teen lifts himself to health
January 08, 2016 3546  
And now the 6-foot-4 Taylor has become a stud. He said the surgeon had advised him to do weight training to build up his chest muscles. A stronger chest...
Pectus excavatum may sound arcane, but chest wall disorder is fairly common disorder
Updated January 07, 2016 2534  
The Specialist: An assistant professor of thoracic surgery at Mount Sinai, Dr. Andrew Kaufman specializes in treating disorders of the chest wall — including pectus excavatum...
Barboursville boy with physical ailment hopes to play sport he loves
Updated November 29, 2015 2709  
Despite suffering from pectus excavatum, a condition in which a person's breastbone is sunken into his chest, 10-year-old Carsen Blower continues doing what he loves most. He plays basketball. ...
Precious the kitten needs a lifesaving operation
November 27, 2015 2583  
A kitten born with a rare chest deformity now needs an urgent operation to save her life. Precious the kitten was born at the Margaret Green...
70 results - showing 31 - 40
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