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Learn About Pectus

Do you or someone you care about have pectus?  Start your journey by learning about the condition. There are many misleading articles and forums on the web that mean well, but may not have the facts correct. All of our information is fact-checked and/or comes directly from leaders in the community such as surgeons or researchers.

Pectus in the News

Find international pectus articles from around the world. Pectus is becoming a well-known medical issue due to the dissemination of factual and fact-based information from sites like this.

Nuss Surgery

Is Nuss right for you or your child? Only you and your doctor can determine what is right for your situation; however, Nuss surgery is becoming a standard procedure when done properly by a trained surgeon.

Surgeon Database

Use our surgeon database to find a suitable surgical center that has the experience for your particular situation. More and more hospitals and surgeons are coming online as they become trained for this condition. We do stress that the closest surgeon may not always be the best for your needs. This is a serious procedure with major risks.  There is no substitute for experience.

Support Us

The Pectus Awareness and Support Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit. All donations are tax exempt. 100% of your donations go towards projects that increase pectus awareness as well as support those with pectus.