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Basketball Player Leads Team after Pectus Excavatum Correction
News January 29, 2018   315  
There’s adversity, and then there’s a four-hour-long operation with a side order of preparing to move away from the only place you’ve ever lived. Meet Bryce...
Reds pitcher helps local boy overcome medical condition
News August 12, 2016   1378  
Tracy Blower heard about Melville and contacted him, hoping for maybe an autograph for her youngest son. Instead, Melville offered more. Much more. Melville invited Tracy,...
Professional Male Athletes Struggle With Body Image Issues Too
News July 14, 2016   3266  
Being plagued with body image issues and insecurities is currently more common than ever, impacting individuals of all shapes and sizes. However, one would think that professional athletes, with...
Hinsdale Central's Nick Midlash sets personal milestones after surgery
News April 08, 2016   1889  
Over winter break in December 2014, months before his sophomore track season, Hinsdale Central's Nick Midlash had surgery on his rib cage because of pectus excavatum, a condition in...
Young girl with pectus excavatum and a broken ankle still finishes her race
News April 05, 2016   1909  
After stumbling twice on the rough terrain, Autumn thought she’d just badly sprained her right ankle. But a hospital X-ray later confirmed she had actually broken it -...
Tim Melville overcoming odds, on brink of big-league debut
News March 26, 2016   1675  
Tim Melville will often scan a crowd and find a kid that is just like he was. It’s a small thing and he can see it in their posture...
Teen lifts himself to health
News January 08, 2016   2594  
And now the 6-foot-4 Taylor has become a stud. He said the surgeon had advised him to do weight training to build up his chest muscles. A stronger chest...
From patient to mentee
News November 03, 2015   2153  
After undergoing surgery to have two steel bars inserted into her chest during the summer between her sophomore and junior year, Rebecca Uhl agreed with two rules from her...
News September 09, 2015   3629  
I will never forget when my hospital door opened and in walked a Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeon and his team. I was confused. Why was he here? I had just...
Teen with Pectus Excavatum Honored with Rotary Club Award
News August 04, 2015   2298  
Although she could have shied away from the topic, she has chosen to share her story publicly, often blogging about her condition online. In an effort to help other...
18 results - showing 1 - 10  
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