Pectus Carinatum
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Does pectus actually give certain athletes a physical advantage?
News August 11, 2016   2080  
The old swimming adage is that breaststrokers are born, not made. You often can look at a swimmer standing still and tell whether they are a natural fit for...
Health Cast: Chest Wall Deformities-Surgical Solutions
News June 14, 2016   1729  
A condition that you've probably never heard of can wreck a child's health and self-esteem. Pectus, or chest wall deformities, are fairly common. As many as...
"Workup of the Pectus Patient" Webinar Tuesday, Sept 15
News August 25, 2015   2276  
"WORKUP OF THE PECTUS PATIENT" Sept 15, 7-8pm EDT on GoToWebinar - with LIVE surgeon, Dr. Michael Goretsky Our guest surgeon will be...
Pioneering chest deformity op carried out at Cardiff hospital
News July 12, 2015   2512  
A Welsh hospital has become the first in the UK to offer a pioneering new treatment for patients with chest deformities. The first procedure at Cardiff's...
Operation to end misery of being born with a caved-in chest
News February 14, 2015   4375  
"Indeed, by Ben's early teens he had become a different boy, say his parents. 'The deformity became more noticeable as he grew, making him very self-conscious and meant he...
5 results - showing 1 - 5