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Operation to end misery of being born with a caved-in chest
News February 14, 2015 5575  
"Indeed, by Ben's early teens he had become a different boy, say his parents. 'The deformity became more noticeable as he grew, making him very self-conscious and meant he...
Pioneering chest deformity op carried out at Cardiff hospital
News July 12, 2015 3633  
A Welsh hospital has become the first in the UK to offer a pioneering new treatment for patients with chest deformities. The first procedure at Cardiff's...
"Workup of the Pectus Patient" Webinar Tuesday, Sept 15
News August 25, 2015 2851  
"WORKUP OF THE PECTUS PATIENT" Sept 15, 7-8pm EDT on GoToWebinar - with LIVE surgeon, Dr. Michael Goretsky Our guest surgeon will be...
Does pectus actually give certain athletes a physical advantage?
News August 11, 2016 2800  
The old swimming adage is that breaststrokers are born, not made. You often can look at a swimmer standing still and tell whether they are a natural fit for...
Health Cast: Chest Wall Deformities-Surgical Solutions
News June 14, 2016 2384  
A condition that you've probably never heard of can wreck a child's health and self-esteem. Pectus, or chest wall deformities, are fairly common. As many as...
5 results - showing 1 - 5