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Wesley Medical Center hires pediatric surgeon
News February 17, 2015 4995
Wesley Medical Center has hired the area’s first permanent pediatric surgeon since the departure of Kimberly Molik in August 2013. Mark Saxton practiced in Omaha for...
Cardiothoracic surgeon performs unusual surgery on elite athlete
News Updated February 17, 2015 6576
From the time he was about 8 years old, Shahab Maslehati had been well aware that his chest was sunken. It had become more pronounced in adolescence, a time...
Breast augmentation does not increase risk of complications with pectus excavatum repair
News Updated February 17, 2015 8834
In a retrospective review, researchers determined that cosmetic breast surgery can be performed concurrently with pectus excavatum repair without an increased risk for complications. The...
Pectus Gear Store Open
News Updated February 17, 2015 6941
The "Pectus Awareness" web store is now open! 100% of net proceeds go towards our charity. 10% of your purchase is tax deductible! ...
Teenager, 17, dies after surgery to correct sunken hollow in her chest
News Updated February 17, 2015 6989
‘She was witty and bright and she had a lovely boyfriend and lots of friends." Very tragic story here (happened in 2012, but posted Sept 29,...
Cats Can Get Pectus Excavatum Too
News Updated February 17, 2015 11105
"It turned out that Clark had a condition called pectus excavatum, also known as “funnel chest.” In this disease, the breast bone and the cartilage that connects the ribs...
Operation to end misery of being born with a caved-in chest
News Updated February 17, 2015 11999
"Indeed, by Ben's early teens he had become a different boy, say his parents. 'The deformity became more noticeable as he grew, making him very self-conscious and meant he...
CHKD surgeons use vacuum bell device to treat pectus excavatum
News Updated February 17, 2015 23156
Surgeons at Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD) have fitted a patient with a device that might eliminate the need for surgery in some patients with one...
88 results - showing 81 - 88
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9