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SML resident undergoes experimental surgery
News Updated April 23, 2015 5823
Surgery has been part of life for Richard “Rich” Cole. Since a young age Cole has struggled with a genetic disorder called Pectus Excavatum. It prevents proper circulation of...
Beauty Queen Who Had Pectus Excavatum Gives Back
News April 22, 2015 5475
Sarah Manuel, the reigning Miss Paradise Kauai 2015, knows what children go through when they need to have surgery. “When I was 5 years old, I...
CHKD surgery gives man the gift of deep breaths
News Updated April 05, 2015 6014
Cole was born with a chest deformity that caused his breastbone to press down on his lungs and heart. He'd been through three surgeries - at 5, 15 and...
Munster's Wilson Beckman the Post-Tribune's Boys Swimmer of the Year
News Updated December 05, 2016 5608
Bouncing back from trying circumstances is nothing new for Beckman. In eighth grade, he underwent surgery for pectus excavatum, a condition in which a person's breastbone is sunken into...
Pulmonary function before and after the Nuss procedure in adolescents with pectus excavatum: correlation with morphological subtypes
Research I ipectus March 22, 2015 8707 0 0 0 0
Differences in post-Nuss procedure pulmonary function based on the pectus excavatum subtype have not been investigated in adolescents. We evaluated differences in pulmonary function before and after the Nuss...
WMC Paramedic to Face the Surgery of Her Life
News Updated March 12, 2015 5683
As one Wyoming Medical Center paramedic prepares for the surgery of her life, other hospital workers have come up with a way to support a colleague who has done...
PCH, Mayo Clinic perform special surgery on patients from across US
News Updated March 04, 2015 8521
"We didn't invent the procedure, we just made it better," Notrica said. "We did about 150 Pectuses last year between the Mayo Clinic and Phoenix Children's Hospital, and we...
District champ Vester shows ‘metal’ for swimming
News February 28, 2015 5319
Not every swimmer at the state meet in Canton has had a metal bar in his or her chest. Indian Hill High School senior Sam Vester,...
Wheeling Park Swimmer Mueller Overcoming Odds
News February 26, 2015 5936
Mueller has what's known as pectus excavatum, or the ribs and sternum are growing abnormally inward. This produces a caved-in or sunken appearance of the chest. It can either...
'Exercise and Fitness with Pectus' Webinar Mar 18, 2015
News Updated February 24, 2015 15145 will be hosting an online Live Webinar Mar 18 from 9-10pm EDT exploring exercise and fitness for those with pectus. Topics will include...
88 results - showing 71 - 80
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