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Does pectus actually give certain athletes a physical advantage?
News Updated August 11, 2016 7262
The old swimming adage is that breaststrokers are born, not made. You often can look at a swimmer standing still and tell whether they are a natural fit for...
Cody Miller and Pectus Excavatum
Editorials Updated August 09, 2016 14321
The Pectus Awareness and Support Foundation would like to congratulate Cody Miller on his Bronze Medal!! Cody Miller has a condition known as pectus excavatum. Here...
Virginia Hospital Opens Nuss Center for Chest Wall Deformities
News August 03, 2016 5151
Children's Hospital of The King's Daughters (CHKD) recently unveiled a space dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of chest wall deformities in children and young adults. The new Nuss Center...
Professional Male Athletes Struggle With Body Image Issues Too
News Updated July 14, 2016 12327
Being plagued with body image issues and insecurities is currently more common than ever, impacting individuals of all shapes and sizes. However, one would think that professional athletes, with...
New Website to help Europeans navigate health care
News June 26, 2016 4695
Europeans are becoming more and more interested in receiving cross- border healthcare, but will their insurance foot the bill? Patients often find themselves in a maze of information that...
Health Cast: Chest Wall Deformities-Surgical Solutions
News June 14, 2016 5335
A condition that you've probably never heard of can wreck a child's health and self-esteem. Pectus, or chest wall deformities, are fairly common. As many as...
Teen’s medical condition requires lesser-known surgery
News June 08, 2016 4702
Like most eighth grade boys, Matthew Thompson, of Smithton, loves spending time at the baseball field or at the basketball court taking part in a game. ...
Non-Narcotic Nerve Blocker Can Reduce Pain, Shorten Hospital Stays for Nuss Patients
News May 17, 2016 8635
In a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Pediatric Surgical Association, researchers detailed how a more effective way of controlling pain has been developed, allowing children...
Hinsdale Central's Nick Midlash sets personal milestones after surgery
News April 08, 2016 5521
Over winter break in December 2014, months before his sophomore track season, Hinsdale Central's Nick Midlash had surgery on his rib cage because of pectus excavatum, a condition in...
Young girl with pectus excavatum and a broken ankle still finishes her race
News Updated April 05, 2016 6995
After stumbling twice on the rough terrain, Autumn thought she’d just badly sprained her right ankle. But a hospital X-ray later confirmed she had actually broken it -...
88 results - showing 41 - 50
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