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Our daughter was diagnosed with pectus excavatum when she was a little girl. We knew it was getting worse the older she became b/c, in her words, she "could fit more water" in the divot that was forming in her chest (not to mention our growing internal tissue concerns). We saw Dr. Egan regularly for a few years prior to moving forward with surgery. Every time we saw him, he never made us feel rushed and we felt as if all of our questions were equally important--even the redundant ones.

We could not have asked for a better surgeon to perform this procedure on our daughter. Dr. Egan made certain the bar was shaped properly for her chest size and that it was properly placed. He also made certain that any scarring from the incision would be minimal. In addition, he took the extra step to get a female's perspective when it came to aesthetics, by asking a female member of his surgical team for her input; no detail was too small. As a mother, knowing that meant the world to me, and once again confirmed that we made the right decision in choosing Dr. Egan. He is thoughtful, knowledgeable, caring, and thorough (not to mention humble) in his continued treatment of our daughter.

Our daughter is two years post surgery and looking forward to having the bars removed next summer--as are we all! We are confident that Dr. Egan and his team will complete the final stage of our daughter's surgery with flying colors. To know that we are in their expert hands offers great peace of mind.

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