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Both of my children had severe Pectus Excavatum ., and Dr. Lisa Mc Mahon was the surgeon assigned to both of their cases. My oldest daughter was a severe case and required extra precautions during her surgery. Dr. Mc Mahon got her team together and made sure there were extras on stand by just in case they were needed. Overall, the surgery was successful, but not without a few complications taking place along the way. My daughter was a complicated and exceptional case due to her medical history and some prior surgeries she previously had. Dr. Mc Mahon kept me informed along the way and took precautions and consideration in her treatment. A second surgery was required a short time after the first one, and Dr. Mc Mahon again took the highest precautions possible. She was informative in the process of notifying me of possible risks, additional complications, and was very supportive during the healing and recovery period. This surgery took place two years ago and was a combination of the NUSS and RAVITCH between both surgeries.

My youngest daughter recently had the NUSS with Dr. Mc Mahon a week ago, again, she made sure to communicate with me and ease my worries. The surgery was a success and I would highly recommend Dr. Mc Mahon and her team to anyone considering this surgery or wanting a consult to see how they might benefit from it.

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