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(Updated: March 20, 2015)
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Growing up with the “hole” in my chest, I was always self-conscious shirtless and expected that it was something I would always have - that was until my early teenage years when my pectus deformity started to cause health problems, constraining my lungs and preventing their ability to fully expand. Facing this plight, there was no question who my family and I wanted to do this procedure – CCHMC’s own, Dr Rebeccah Brown.
We hold great faith in Dr Brown’s skills as she had done amazing work and proved herself to me personally just a few years prior when I was diagnosed with cancer. The care she provided at that scary time in my family’s life left us with no question when choosing her and her team for my pectus surgery. From the get go, she explained everything I would go through, how they perform the surgery, and the care and precautions I would need to keep in mind while living with the “bars” they were putting in my chest. It was then that Dr Brown told me that I was going to need two pectus bars due to the extent of my pectus defect – she definitely made me feel special for being the first of her patients needing two and explained that in the end it would show much more promising results! I went into surgery expecting to come out with a brand new chest, but waking from surgery the results were better than I could have ever imagined. My chest looked great and I couldn’t have been happier, thankful that the “hole” was gone and my chest looked “normal” for the first time in my life!
The four years following flew by and before I knew it, we were scheduling my pre-op check up where I asked Dr Brown the one question that I had come up with in those four years – could I see the bars after she took them out? She told me she would do her best to make that request a reality. Coming out of the anesthesia, I was elated and astonished by what on the bedside table waiting for me, the two bars from my chest! Dr Brown came in to check on me and explained in even more detail how the initial surgery goes and I was even more blown away than I had been. Yet again, Dr Brown proved just how amazing of a surgeon she was to my family and I.
The surgical team at CCHMC was spectacular but Dr Brown went above and beyond in every aspect of my care. She has proven herself to us time and time again and I have always thought of her as an excellent doctor - a true miracle worker in her skills, but above all, she has shown us what a genuine and wonderful person she is, whose perfect personality is only matched by the results she achieves in her work. I cannot thank her enough for all she has done for me and without a doubt, she always comes to the forefront when I share my story with someone. Dr Brown truly is a surgeon I would encourage everyone with a pectus deformity to seek out for his or her surgery. She truly is, without a doubt, the absolute best!

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