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Dr. LoSasso and Jacke Hurley, Pectus Coordinator are the best in the country
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I wanted the best surgeon possible for my son's Pectus Excavatum. After doing my research, I contacted 3 other other hospitals, visited one other, and consulted with 4 surgeons, we found Dr. LoSasso to be the best in the USA. He trained directly with Dr. Nuss. He has performed more Nuss Procedures than anyone in the country. His success rates beat the national average - no bar migrations in the 650 Nuss Procedures he has performed over the past 13 years. My sons chest came out absolutely beautifully - Dr. LoSasso has an art for bending the bar. Another plus is that Dr. LoSasso has a Pectus Coordinator Jackie Hurley. She was there for me during every stage of the process and made everything stress free for us. Any worries I had, I would call Jackie and she would answer my questions and I would feel better. We found out my son had pectus the end of May and he was operated on two months later - this July! Jackie organized everything for us. Another strong point in my decision was Dr. LoSasso created an amazing team, and he is a West Coast Center of Excellence. (The first to be designated after CHKD) What does that mean: He personally trained the hospital nurses to properly care for pectus patients, they knew how to take care of my son. He trained the pain management team for a nearly pain free experience (The kept his pain under control), the nurses even gave my son healing touch. In addition, Rady's is a brand new facility, it is absolutely beautiful, there is couch/bed that I slept in right in his room, and directly across the street is brand new 5 star Ronald McDonald house where Jackie arranged my families accommodations. We are from the East Coast, and flew to beautiful San Diego, and arranged a vacation around the surgery. I was not nervous while my son was having surgery, I was excited. I had trust in Dr. LoSasso and knew my son was in the best hands possible. We sat in a courtyard outside Rady's while our son was having surgery and I thought I was in paradise - sea grasses, palm trees, 74% weather, no grey sky's in San Diego.- location, location, location. I couldn't have planned it any better. Would we choose Dr. LoSasso again? Absolutely. He changed my son's life. I wouldn't think twice of recommending Dr. LoSasso and Jackie - you are in the best hands possible, so you can feel confident in the outcome and feel safe and relaxed going through the process. We are now looking forward to spending 3 more summers in San Diego for the follow ups. Don't be afraid, get the surgery. My son walked into the hospital and 5 hours later he had a brand new amazing chest. We met three other patients while we were at Rady's and they had a very positive experience with Dr. LoSasso and Jackie also.

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