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We were absolutely thrilled to find Dr. Geissler on the surgeon listing ... but unbelievably thrilled with meeting him and having him perform the surgery for our son. No one in our local community performs this procedure, so we had to look outside the area. The first surgeon we met at a major University Hospital was very nice, but lacked long-term experience. So we traveled 2.5 hours to visit Dr. Geissler and ultimately to have the surgery performed at his hospital (Advocate Lutheran Children's Hospital in Park Ridge, IL). On our visits, he and his staff were super accommodating to us and respected the distance we traveled. He spent almost an hour and a half talking with us on our first visit -- and stayed to 6:00 pm to do so. His execution of the surgery was impeccable and the outcome has been very much as-advertised. Clearly, his experience training with Dr. Nuss and many years of actual procedures puts him in a high class of pectus surgeons. During our hospital stay, he made regular daily visits and was always excellent to talk to. Our teenage son felt very comfortable with Dr. Geissler at all times. As a dad, I made the decision feeling like this was the right guy for me to trust my son to -- he proved me more than right. And in addition to Dr. himself, his two lead nurses were equally as significant to our overall experience. Denise and Tracy always spent plenty of time talking with us and setting expectations for what was happening and what was to come. And I would be remiss if I didn't give kudos to the hospital itself and the nursing staff there too! They made it a home-away-from-home for us for the entire week. The nurses were some of the most professional and fun I've ever experienced and proved to be just as much a resource for a pectus family. At this point, we are only 4 weeks post-procedure, but everything has gone so well and the future for our son is very positive. It is still a wonder how immediate this procedure is in correcting the deformity.

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