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Worse experience i had with any surgeon in my entire life so far.
Just after getting the surgery i had to deal with a tremendous pain and only got ibuprofen and paracetamol as "painkillers" nothing else , even tho i was crying in pain and talked to that particular doctor, he was stubborn enough to tell me i was playing comedy, what a surprise it was when i have done a CT scan and found out i had a broken rib...

This surgeon was completely disrespectful and incompetent i had to redo the surgery in another hospital with another surgeon wich finally went well.

Some other people went to that hospital and had to deal with the extreme bad behaviour of this surgeon again and again to finally go check other surgeons and/or hospital, but thankfully the PE community is strong enough to be aware.

This surgeon even threatened me to sue me if i had to "open my mouth" about my experience as he said.

If i was the only one that had to deal with this surgeon behaviour i would have probably stayed silent , but the fact that he still exercice his profession and keep his absolutely unprofessional behaviour at this day motivated me enough to write this review after all those years

All together i wouldn't recommand that surgeon at all and i would warn people about this hospital since this surgeon is the main surgeon for this department

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