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We are so grateful to find Dr LoSasso! He is one of the best in his field and we were so fortunate that he moved his practice from California to New Jersey., where we live. But quite honestly, we would have traveled anywhere for his service.

My son Kyle had an 8.5 haller which affected his ability to play sports for several years. He was a star soccer player who lost his stamina and ability to run. The deep dent also affected his confidence and overall social skills.

Kyle had a successful surgery with 2 titanium bars. He had a text book recovery and didn’t have as much pain as anticipated. The pain management and PT prescribed by Dr LoSasso made all the difference.

Since having the procedure, he has his confidence and can play any sport that he wants. He’s enjoying his high school years and getting ready for college.

We are grateful to Dr LoSasso and would recommend him 100%.

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