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When I was a young boy I saw this lady with my dad about potentially getting the nuss procedure. She explained pectus excavatum as a condition that was cosmetic. She said that most people with pectus tend to be skinny and spoke very plainly about this condition. What she didn't mention is that I could experience Cardiac Compression, Exercise Intolerence, Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing, and Mental Distress. Since 2013 I took her word for what she said about my condition whilst completely experiencing symptoms that did not line up with what she said at all, nearly a decade of these symptoms and my life trajectory has been significantly altered. After seeing the previous review, I spoke with her and asked her about it, even linking her the review. She said " i don't know the review your referring to, but anyone can say anything they want online, and we don't pay to edit any of it". Well, Personally, I think she does not deserve to have a career. This kind of misleading has me completely disheartened and praying for the other people who have had the misfortune of having this women being a totem in their life. Do not take her word. She has altered years of my life and robbed me of happiness and safety. She does not deserve to have a career or to be considered a specialist regarding this condition. Shameful person and malicious human being.

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