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Although I did not have a nightmarish experience with Dr. Gorenstein, I did not have a good one either. I regret choosing him as a surgeon.

I have two major complaints about my experience.

First, the procedure only partially improved my pectus excavatum. My pre-operative Haller index was approximately 4.5. I had one bar implanted. Immediately after waking up from the anesthesia, it was obvious that he did not fully correct the depression in my chest. My current Haller index is 3.9, which meets the criteria for "severe" pectus excavatum.

Second, I find it significantly harder to breathe since having the procedure with him. It's made exercise harder than it was before. I didn't know this was a potential outcome of the procedure.

To try to give Dr. Gorenstein some credit, I had no complications and my recovery was relatively easy. His bedside manner was also relatively pleasant. However when I voiced my two complaints, he didn't make an effort to assuage my concerns or offer a solution.

Based on my experience, I would not recommend him to other patients. Almost ten years later, I'm currently considering a revision with another surgeon.

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