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Dr Dawn, Michelle, Carla and Megan are the best!!!!!
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my name is Marcelo Addario, I had surgery for pectus excavatum on September 10th 2020, I am 54 years old.

To me Dr J is like a movie star I've been watching her videos for the last two years before my surgery so to me she was a star even without knowing her.

I called her office after a failed surgery for pectus at the Cleveland clinic in Florida, the bar flipped three days after surgery and they were suppose to do the surgery again to fix it, but the day before I was suppose to have the surgery done, I called Dr J's office in the morning and Michelle and Megan arrange the phone call with Dr J on the evening.

Thanks God I had that phone call with her, next day they did removed my bar at the Cleveland clínic and on September 10th 2020 two months after I was at the Mayo clinic in Arizona for my surgery with Doctor J ( Dawn ).

All of her Staff were amazing, Carla Michelle and Megan helped me with all my needs to rush the surgery they were impeccable super professional.

Doctor J made me feel so good from the first phone call I had with her, she is definitely a genius but also a beautiful human being, she was very honest from the beginning and I definitely understood that it was going to be painful, remember I'm 54.

Now it's been almost three months since my surgery, and I'm beginning to feel better, I was in a lot of pain for the first two and a half months, I was freaking out because the pain didn't go down but I m finally beginning to feel much better.

I probably drove Michelle crazy with all my emails about the pain thinking that the bars had flipped again, remember I had very bad experiences with doctors in the last 2 years, but every time I talked or emailed the office with my concerns they always got right back to me with what I needed.

The only way I was able to stand the pain in the last two and a half months is because Dr J spoke to me many times after surgery and that made me feel so much peace of mind and I trusted her completely, also knowing that she is the best pectus doctor in the world gave me peace.

My chest looks much better, my breathing improved a lot, my heart pounding is not there , my shortness of breath not there , the pain is not over yet but I see progress every days.

If you are going to have surgery for pectus I will recommend the Mayo clinic , Dr Dawn Jaroudesky , Michelle , Carla and Megan , the whole experience was amazing and painful lol but the pain is getting better, while I was in the hospital Dr J came to see me everyday, and hospital staff were amazing.

I will also recommend that you stay in Arizona for one or two months if possible since you will have some concerns and it will be nice to be close to them.

Thank you Dawn , Michelle , Carla and Megan!!!!!
If anyone has any questions my telephone number is 786-277-2982.

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