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In 2009, after corresponding with Dr. Park through a friend in South Korea, and subsequently through email where I sent him pictures of my chest, I was able to schedule a surgery at the Korea University Medical Center in Ansan where he worked at the time. I flew to South Korea in November of that year where I was officially diagnosed by Dr. Park to have severe asymmetric eccentric pectus excavatum. I then underwent his modified nuss procedure or MIRPE (minimally invasive repair of pectus excavatum) as I recall it was called. I was 18 years old at the time, which was older than his usual patients who were in their early teens. The surgery was successful. I stayed in Korea for a month to recover before flying back home (a total of three weeks in the hospital and one week in a hotel). The hospital staff were accommodating although the language barrier was challenging at first. Dr. Park however spoke perfect English so I was able to easily communicate with him. After the surgery, I was scheduled to undergo a second operation three years hence for the removal of the bars. The second surgery was done in October 2012 at Seoul St. Mary's Hospital. It was also successful, and recovery was easier and shorter. The correction of my PE was life-changing for me, and I will forever be thankful to Dr. Park and his team for their expert care and accomodation.

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