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It came as quite a surprise to us when our son’s cardiologist recommended that we see Dr. Alexander to discuss the possibility that his cardiac issues were being caused by his pectus excavatum. Dr. Alexander’s staff could not have been nicer when we called to make the appointment. It quickly became apparent how knowledgeable Dr. Alexander was with this condition as he explained it in simple terms that we could understand. His kindness and compassion quickly set our minds at ease. Dr. Alexander went over our son’s test results very thoroughly and discussed them with the cardiologist to determine that surgery would be in his best interest.

We were all quite nervous the day of surgery, but Dr. Alexander came in and explained exactly how everything would go, and his contagious confidence, once again, eased our worries. The surgery lasted for as long as we were told it would, and Dr. Alexander came to see us right away when it was over. He sat with us and assured us that all had gone very well and that our son’s heart now had the room it was lacking before.

Dr. Alexander visited our son every day that he was in the hospital and did a wonderful job coordinating care with the pain management team, therapists and nurses to make sure our son was as comfortable as possible. Because our son was struggling with some side effects from the pain medications, Dr. Alexander even had a visiting nurse stop in the day after his return home to make sure he was doing okay.

Our son’s greatest concern about having pectus excavatum surgery was whether he would be able to get back to doing all the activities he was already doing. Dr. Alexander assured him he would be able to do it all once the bar was fully set in place, and he was right. Our son is now 1-year post surgery and enjoyed a great snow boarding season last winter, is lifting weights, playing sports and even went sky diving. He had a great one-year check up and says he never even thinks about the bar being in his chest.

We are so grateful to Dr. Alexander and his staff for all their support and encouragement along the way.

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