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We went through a few other doctors before we found Dr. Alexander, and I'm glad that we kept going until we found him! He clearly knows what he's doing when it comes to the Nuss procedure, and he's great at explaining it in a way that you can understand.. He made us feel so comfortable and cared for throughout the whole experience.

He answered every question we had, responded to all of our worried phone calls. His staff could not be any nicer, as well. He relieved so much of our stress--I would recommend him to anyone looking to correct their pectus.

My son needed a second bar inserted, which Dr. Alexander typically tries to avoid--but he did it anyway, and he did it perfectly, because he took the time to understand my son's desires and goals.

Post-op, when my son was still in the hospital, Dr. Alexander would stop by first thing every morning. He was just as considerate at our two week check-in, and recently our two-month check-in. You can tell that he cares about his patients, every step of the way. So glad we had him!

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