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We are Italian and came to Phoenix to have Dr. Jaroszewski as a surgeon. This is my second review for Dr. Jaroszewski, who implanted two bars to my son Marco in July 2017, when he was 13 yo (please see the review "An Insuperable Pectus Surgeon" August 20, 2017"). Three years have flown by and, the time has finally come to remove the bars.
The preop-visit with Dr. Jaroszewski was a very intense moment. It was like a reunion with a close relative of our family that we hadn't seen for three years. We were greeted wonderfully by her and her staff (thanks to Megan and Michelle, and also to Carla for organizing everything).
Dr. Jaroszewski examined my son's chest and said that all looked great! She explained to us how the intervention would take place, the possible complications, and how these would eventually be addressed, including her personal case histories.
She told us that, during the surgery, they would monitor Marco's cardiac functions using transesophageal echocardiography to be sure that, during and after the bars extraction, no hemodynamic hearth changes or pericardial effusion takes place.
She also explained to us that besides the general anesthesia, they would carry out regional nerve block anesthesia to improve the management of postoperative pain. She also informed us about pain control therapy.
Our surgery was scheduled for the next day. After the check-in, the staff of Dr. Jaroszewski started the pre-surgery procedures. Mayo Clinic is a superb and wonderful structure where everything works perfectly.
All the nurses who prepared Marco for the surgery were very efficient and professional, and all of them had a smile and comforting words of encouragement. Even a nurse who spoke in Italian came to welcome us (thanks to everyone!).
I was impressed by the anesthesiologist, Dr. Brad Smith, who explained to me the detail of the regional nerve blockade. I undoubtedly accepted the procedure because I understand the benefits, and for the total trust, I have in Dr. Jaroszewski and her staff.
Dr. Smith immediately carried out the procedure on Marco in an echo-guided way. Dr. Jaroszewski was also present in the room to monitor the situation.
At that point, I moved to the waiting room and Marco to the surgery room. Every parent knows how hard this moment is. I was in contact by phone with my wife, who was waiting at home close to Mayo (during COVID emergency only one parent could be present).
We were worried but aware that our son was in the talented hands of Dr. Jaroszewski, the best hands of our planet. This has given us priceless relief and comfort. We could not have found better for our son. This exceptional and talented woman knows all about pectus and recognizes every sign even before things can happen.
After about 50 min the Mayo Clinic monitor signaled to me they almost finished the surgery, and Dr. Jaroszewski joined me in the waiting room to inform me that everything had gone very well. She gave me the two bars that had been in my son's chest for three long years.
I moved to the recovery area where I found Marco completely awake. He was drinking some water, and he reported only minor pains.
The operation went well not only from the functional side but also from an aesthetical standpoint (no regression at all). Dr. Smith came in the recovery room to control my son, and also Dr. Jaroszewski checked Marco once more time to be sure that all had gone well.
After a short walk in the recovery room, Marco got dressed, and we went home in Phoenix (after almost 3 hours from the starting of the surgery). At home, Marco immediately walked and ate with appetite.
The surgical procedure went very well, and the regional blockade worked great. Marco used only Ibuprofen and Tylenol the first two days post-surgery, and then only occasional Ibuprofen.
The next day Marco had the x-rays exam and a control-visit with Michelle Peterson. Everything turned out to be perfect, and the incisions looked very good. Marco also met a very gentle social assistant to answer some surveys about our family and his condition.
At the postoperative visit, seven days after surgery, Dr. Jaroszewski found Marco very well and ready to face the long trip to Italy.
It was a very loving moment. Marco was so grateful to Dr. Jaroszewski. He would have liked to embrace her, but it was not possible for the anti-COVID rules. Marco gave her a letter and a present that he likes so much.
Dr. Jaroszewski explained to us what physical exercises to be done to counteract the internal scarring (forming where the bars were previously positioned), which tightens and could cause some regression.
We are now at home, and after two weeks my son feels very better. He is making his exercises without problems.
I am grateful to Dr. Jaroszewski for everything she has done for us. She an extraordinary person also on the human side, very attentive and sensible to understand our situation and help us at her best. Everything exceeded my expectations!
I highly recommend Dr. Dawn Jaroszewski to everyone that has Pectus Excavatum. Please, don't waste time and money, here you can find all the knowledge about pectus excavatum and all the relevant updates of the Nuss surgery. For example, she has introduced nerve cryoablation to eliminate the post-op pain of the Nuss. Now, after the surgery, you can move freely, and no more opioids are necessary to control the pain.
Grazie Dr. Jaroszewski.

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