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Dr. Gorenstein is a fantastic pectus surgeon. I developed pectus excavatum during adolescence, and as a result, I suffered from restricted lung capacity and reduced self-confidence in the appearance of my chest. At age 23, I decided to address the issue, and after a few tests and a comprehensive pre-op consultation, Dr. Gorenstein performed the Nuss Procedure on me in December 2015. He inserted two bars across my chest, and we left them in for 4.5 years. Both the initial Nuss Procedure and the bar removal surgery were very successful, and Dr. Gorenstein was always kind and comforting throughout the five-year correction process. He is a very knowledgeable surgeon, and he demonstrates strong skill and bedside manner. My parents and I always trusted him, and we enjoyed the experience of working with him. I am incredibly grateful for my improved lung capacity (as is evident in my cardiovascular activities) and my improved confidence with my chest. I would highly recommend Dr. Gorenstein to others suffering from pectus issues.

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