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Could not write highly enough about Dr Goldblatt and also Dr Phillip Antippa and the difference that they have made to my life.

My Pectus excavatum was very severe. As a teenager I had gone around to many specialists but was told there were no options. As a adult my symptoms progressed to frequent crushing chest pains, poor self esteem, frequent chest infections and fatigue.

Dr Goldblatt advises that I had one of the most severe cases of Pectus that he had seen. He was very detailed in explaining the procedure and potential complications and recovery and I had a clear idea of exactly what to expect. He was up front that he would like to try the Nuss procedure as this was less invasive then the Ravitch, but might not work.

Unfortunately the Nuss procedure was not successful. Although we knew this was a possibility the time this was very disappointing but only a couple of days later John arranged for a second procedure, modified Ravitch, with a second surgeon, Dr Phillip Antippa. The procedure went well, recovery was hard as expected but no complications.

Now 5 years later, the improvement to my life is massive. My chest was raised 90% and I am comfortable to swim without a shirt. I am fitter and less fatigued and able to exercise and keep up with our young kids.

Could not recommend these surgeons enough.

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December 23, 2020
Hey Adam, I had the nuss procedure and I also had Goldblatt and Antippa and cannot speak highly enough of them. Is there a way I can contact you, email or whatever? I've never even met someone with pectus and would love to talk about it if you care to?

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