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Pectus carinatum brace for both my teenagers
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Both of our teenage boys developed pectus carinatum during their rapid growth spurts. Living in Montana, we figured we would have to travel out of state to consult about surgery versus bracing. Our pediatrician referred us to Dr. Siefarth in Kalispell, MT and we immediately knew how lucky we were upon meeting him. He is incredibly knowledgeable about chest wall deformities and presented us with options. He began by gaining our trust by explaining the entire outline of how the brace works and relayed his experiences with successful outcomes. Dr. Siefarth was very honest about the emotional and physical impacts wearing the brace can have. Through the process, he and his outstanding staff have always been available to answer any questions while following up on concerns with exceptional recommendations. We highly recommend him and are so pleased with the results. Our children's chest wall deformities are corrected and their confidence in themselves and their bodies has greatly improved. Our boys love the appointments with him because he is so good natured, has a fantastic sense of humor, and relates so well to kids. We are truly grateful!

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