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I knew that there was something not right with my son's chest. It was poking out. I literally could hold it and it fit in the cup of my hand. The bone that is, the "whatever" it was sticking out on the breast bone of my boy. Motherly in-stink kept telling me that this was not right. After asking our chiropractor if this was normal, going to our primary for a chest Xray and learning that what my son had was pectus carinatum...we began our journey with Dr Seifarth. My son Wesley was 11 at the start of this journey. Dr. Seifarth was absolutely amazing. Not only did he respectively address my child during his appointments, but he was honest...very clear with questions and answers...and he was available during every step of the process. Even checking on him at home that first week of wearing the brace. I really feel that he set Wesley up for success because of the very clear and honest expectations.
Here we are eight months in, just about done with the correction stage of the brace. My son has rocked this out!! And...HE LOOKS AMAZING!!!! You can not even tell that the chest was sticking out. I would recommend this brace correction for any child. With a little perseverance, support from family and friends and Dr Seifarth your child will receive correction. Correction of something that could be embarrassing, maybe even painful. I am so glad that Wesley does not need to worry about this. He can swim without a shirt on and he does not worry about questions asking what is that on your chest. He is right as rain and we are both so thankful for the pectus information and opportunities of getting correction while he is young. Thank you so much Dr Seifarth. Wesely and I can not be more happy with the outcome of wearing the brace. Hard work and dedication pays off! Freaking Awesome!!!

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