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In my opinion, Dr. Amy Rahm and Dr. Raff with UC Davis do not have sufficient experience and knowledge with adults and the Nuss Procedure. Disorganized office staff. Difficult to get ahold of surgeons after surgery. Both surgeons have had difficulty listening to me after surgery. I had issues getting what I consider to be adequate medical care at this facility.  One Nuss bar was placed in my chest which seems like too few as most adults usually get at least two bars. Zero follow through. Infections from the Nuss were treated by other surgeons and not their office. Complaints filed and both surgeons received corrective action by UCD HR. Awaiting Dr. Miller’s office for a second surgery date now to fix the rotated bar. I have never written an online review before and come from a long family history of doctors in the family, but I did not have a positive experience at all with this office or with these surgeons. This has been my first negative experience with any surgeon. Take the time to research your surgeons’ experience, skills from outside sources, and be open to travel outside your local area to receive adequate medical care by surgeons with experience for your specific age and condition.

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