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Dr. Egan was my surgeon/hero for the nuss procedure. I couldn’t have asked for a better dr. From the start of my pectus consultation back in july he was always caring and answered the questions i had with no rush. I felt like I was the number 1 priority even at the consultation, before it was certain i would have the procedure. Along side him was the rest of the pectus team who all were so caring and loving. They always made sure i was comfortable and well educated on what would happen and if we had any questions we could just call the pectus coordinator jackie. (who was just as outstanding as dr. Egan) While i was waking up from surgery I was in no pain and very comfortable thanks to the wonderful pain team. later that day it began to feel sore but nothing terrible. If you have the opportunity, let them give you a shot of methadone. i believe that was the reason i stood up the first day and left the hospital after 2 nights! My surgery was at 8 am but we started early at 7:30am and Dr. Egan came and visited me later that day at 8pm, that just shows how caring he is. Dr. Egan’s work has made my chest look like a “normal” person. He is a hero to me and definitely many others. I’m 20 days post op and i can already feel a difference on my heart, and feels way less strained, even though my breathing isn’t fully back to normal but will be very soon. PCH is an outstanding place and the people there are so loving from the minute i stepped in there.

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