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Dr. Seifarth was our savior. We had been told that we would have to have our son's pectus carinatum treated by providers in Denver, Salt Lake or Spokane before we found Dr. Seifarth at Kalispell Regional Medical Center in Kalispell, Mt. He provided us a 30 minute telephone consultation before scheduling our first appointment with and gave us the options we would have to consider for treatment of our son's condition. Though he is a surgeon, he understood the cost and implications of surgery and offered the non-surgical approach (use of the T-Joe Brace) to reverse the pectus carinatum. Within two weeks of receiving the brace, the condition had been mostly reversed! Dr. Seifarth did an amazing job working with our 13 year old son, making certain that his questions and concerns were answered and that he, as the patient, was aware of the condition and subsequent treatment.

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