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Our daughter had a Nuss bar placed by Dr. Falk. From our first visit until the post op follow up visit, Dr. Falk has been available for all of her questions and concerns. He treated her with such kindness and compassion, making sure she understood the entire process, from surgery to recovery. He made sure that not only we trusted him with her care, but that she trusted him as well. Dr. Falk was obviously knowledgeable about the whole procedure and was able to help our daughter understand exactly what was going to happen and what the recovery process would be. He was available to her in the hospital following her surgery to make sure her recovery was going as planned. Throughout all of this, we have never felt as if he treated her like just another patient. He made her feel important and helped her be a part of the decision making process. After originally being told we might have to travel out of state to Seattle to have the surgery, we were thrilled to find such a wonderful doctor and team of professionals in Montana to treat our daughter. I highly recommend Dr. Falk to anyone facing this surgery.

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