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I never thought I’d ever be “normal”, living with Pectus Excavatum is something that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. Luckily for us living in this day in age there is help and we don’t have to spend our entire life with this burden.

Finding Dr. Cazares was a dream come true. Only someone with this condition knows that hiding it from people is a full time job in of itself. Getting in contact with him was very easy and productive. From the 1st email and phone call we had he was eager to help and I could tell this man was born to fix people with my condition.

Don’t Let the fact that he practices in Mexico create any doubt that he wouldn’t provide the same care as you would receive in the US. Story time, I was in Marines and my staff sergeant had this surgery with a military doctor and till this day he says he regrets it. That was enough for me to look for a civilian doctor.

It was really easy to in contact with Dr. Cazares he is fluent in English and I wouldn’t be surprised if he speaks another language or two. After the consultation I had no doubt in the world this was the guy for the job, I couldn’t believe I was finally going to have a normal looking chest. FYI I didn’t only have it for cosmetic reasons my Haller Index was a 3.8. 3.2 or worse usually requires surgery. I’m a 26 year old male forget to add that in.

I should add that before I did see Dr. Cazares I did have to have an MRI and a pulmonary exam done. You can have it done at his hospital and he can recommend another if you’d like as well.
Initially we both thought I would need to have 2 bars placed but he worked his magic and I only needed one. I’m not exaggerating when I say he knows what he’s doing.

For my surgery I spent 5 days in the hospital recovering. Let’s face the facts it’s probably going to most physically painful thing you’ll experience up to this point in your life. Having said that the hospital and staff made sure I was well taken care off, they’re really a top notch facility.

Dr. Cazares would visit daily to make sure everything was going fine. This man does not take a day off, I was tempted to tell him to take at least Sunday off so he could enjoy some of his weekend. He really does care and it made me feel like I was his only patient. Dr. Cazares is truly a godsend.

It’s been about 6 weeks since my surgery and I feeling almost 100% it’s still a process but I’d the world’s biggest liar if I sad I’m not blown away with how the surgery came out. I wake up in the morning and still cant believe it’s over and how I look. Dr. Cazares you’ve truly changed my life and I owe you much. You were born to do this. Thank you for everything the world needs not just doctors but people like you. Thank You for my new life and outlook on life Dr. Cazares.

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