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The decision to elect corrective surgery for our son’s Pectus Excavatum was a long time coming and not an easy one to make—until we met Dr. Mark Stovroff.

His willingness to listen to our concerns, extensive training and experience with the procedure, along with his open and honest communication style, offered the assurances our family needed to move forward with the surgery. He gives not only his skill as a surgeon but also his time and attentiveness as a compassionate person.

Dr. Stovroff performed the Nuss Bar Procedure on my 14 year old son on July 3rd at Northside Hospital in Atlanta. We were back home in Columbus on the 5th. He was available that next Saturday evening to answer questions we had about the recovery process.

If you are looking for an experienced surgeon to treat your child’s Pectus please call Dr. Stovroff and set up a consultation. It is truly one of the most important contributions we as parents have made to our son’s physical and emotional well-being.

Paul and Christa Gibson

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