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I had originally planned to go to Mayo and see Dr. J, when I found out about Dr. Miller. I decided to go meet him since he was 10 minutes away. I could quickly tell he was highly skilled. The WellStar network he is a part of sing his praises and all of his staff as well. One of his staff told me someone came from another country to have the modified Ravitch. He told me he does the 3rd highest number of Adult Pectus surgeries in US, and he does repairs. He does both Nuss and Modified Ravitch, which he does with a dissolvable bar so you have extra stability and do not need a second surgery. Just a small bonus he does not use an epidural nor a catheter- both of which I was dreading. They did a good job of managing my pain in hospital (4 nights.) He came to check on me every morning. I am very happy with my outcome- my scar is small and I feel great! I am amazed at how I can walk on the treadmill now with my heart rate staying below 115!

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