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5 days post Ravitch- I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Miller
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When I found this site, and realized that my adult pectus could be corrected ( I was told it wasn't recommended in 2012) I watched the webinars on this site and had planned to go see Dr. Jaroszewsi at Mayo. However, I realized I had gone to high school with Dr. Notrica and reached out to him- he gave me the name of Dr. Daniel Miller who is 10 minutes from my house in Marietta, GA. I was able to get an appt. the following week, and he immediately validated my symptoms where previous doctors had repeatedly invalidated them. He looked at my CT scan from 2012 and could already tell I was a 3.9 or 4 for my Haller index. He ordered three tests, pulmonary function, ECG and updated CT scan, and we met again two weeks later. He told me he performs the 3rd most adult pectus repairs in the US, and Dr. Jaroszewski sends him referrals. Also, when the office staff was scheduling my surgery, she told me that people come from around the world to have him repair and correct former repairs. He did offer me either the Nuss or the Ravitch. I opted for the Ravitch because it is a one-time operation. Dr. Miller uses a plate made of biomaterials that dissolve as the body heals and cartilage regrows (no metal plates.) Everyone on his staff was so professional and courteous, I felt I was in great hands. I am 5 days post surgery, pain is being managed- I never got above a 6. He came to see me every day and had me up walking within 24 hours. He had a shield made that I will wear in public and when in cars for 6 weeks. They really thought of everything- I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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