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I’m happy to be able to recommend Dr. Joel Cázares to anyone with either Pectus Excavatum or Carinatum.

Prior to being introduced to Dr. Cázares, I had been suffering with severe chest pain for nearly a year while trying to get in with the Dr. Jaroszewski at the Mayo Clinic. After 10 months of frustration, a good friend from the Monterrey, Mexico area, told me about Dr. Cázares and put us in touch.
Dr. Cázares immediately made himself available to answer all my questions and resolve all my concerns. In all my experience with medical professionals, I’ve never known anyone, especially not a surgeon, who works so hard to stay in touch with his patients and make sure that everything goes perfectly.

After talking through all the details with Dr. Cázares for several weeks, my wife and I traveled from Arizona, in the United States, to Monterrey to prepare for the surgery. Dr. Cázares helped with everything, even helping out getting admitted into the hospital. At Christus Muguerza Hospital Sur, the staff and doctors all worked in perfect harmony to ensure that I was kept comfortable and I was well taken care of.

Prior to the surgery, Dr. Cázares went over everything again to make sure there were no questions or concerns and I was ready for the big day. The surgery itself went incredibly smoothly and the entire team were fantastic. Dr. Cázares was able to do the procedure more effectively and with less hardware than even the Mayo Clinic had said they would need. This helped to reduce the total surgical time and pain afterward, as well as minimizing risk of complications and reducing recovery time. Following the surgery, Dr. C visited daily for the next week and would stay for 15-20 minutes to make sure I was comfortable and recovering properly.

Dr. Cázares is an amazing, kind and caring doctor. I’m glad to know him and I’m thrilled that I was able to get in with him and finally begin the road to recovery. I’m grateful to him for his expertise, his patience and his willingness to take on the added stress of dealing with international insurance and long distance medical care. Without his kindness in taking me on as a patient, I would have been waiting at least another 10 weeks in pain with no hope in sight. Instead, I am almost fully recovered and already feel far better than I had felt prior to the surgery.

The cost of the procedure was pennies on the dollar and the quality and service of the hospital was at least as good as what I had experienced in the Mayo Clinic. Even accounting for the travel to Mexico, I still paid less than 10% of what I would have owed in the USA. The decision to travel to Monterrey was the best choice I could have made.

Thank you Doctor Cázares for giving me back my health and giving my family their father and husband again.

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