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Female, 30, Romania
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7 years ago I started developing a chronic cough. I also started having each winter pneumonia. My pulmonary physician prescribed several treatments, even for asthma, but nothing worked. One day I was really desperate because of the cough, so I searched online and found out that chronic cough often is a symptom of PE, which I have.
I knew I couldn't make the surgery in my country, so I made some research. Prof. Schaarschmidt had great reviews and a lots of experience, also with patients from abroad. So I contacted him and next morning I got a very friendly and detailed answer from him.

The surgery went as planned and I had huge pain only the first night. I started with physio the second day and after 14 days I could fly home.
I continued with physio and from there everything went better and better.
My chronic cough is gone, which was the main reason for the surgery, and I am also happy that my hole in the chest is gone. The bars don't disturb me and I can do whatever I like.
Overall I have to say, this decision was a life changing experience!

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