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I am 36 years old and had my nuss procedure done by Dr Barry Lo Sasso on 11/6/15 at Sharp Memorial Hospital. I found Dr Lo Sasso on the internet, it was very difficult looking for a surgeon that would do this surgery on me due to my age. I traveled from Monterey Ca to San Diego to meet with Dr Lo Sasso, his staff was excellent all were very nice and explained things throughly.. I'm extremely grateful I found Dr Lo Sasso I felt I was in the best of care. The surgery itself was extremely painful. I did not want this surgery for cosmetics reasons, I was having extremely bad shortness of breathing and heart palpitations along with being very fatigue. My heart was compressed and shifted to the left. I'm now 3 months post and feel a lot better but still can't sleep on my sides or stomach for long periods of time. I have numbness in my breast and back pain but nothing compared to the last couple months. I was off work for 2 months. The office staff were so caring and did no hesitate to give me all the time I needed off to recover. I would definitely recommend dr Barry Lo Sasso to anyone wanting this procedure done. He is the best in the west coast! I felt 100% comfortable while under his care.

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