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Review for Dr. Mark Saxton Gundersen Lutheran La Crosse, WI
(Updated: February 28, 2012)
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Dr. Saxton is extremely knowledgeable at the Nuss procedure. He's been doing it for 15 years. He is great at coming up with quick solutions to complex problems. He seems to know what to do in just about every situation. I would definitely recommend him both for the Nuss procedure, or any type of pediatric surgery. He is primarily a pediatric surgeon, but performs the Nuss procedure on people well into their 40's. I'm 33, and he did a great job on me. He is easily accessible, giving me his personal cell number to call him with questions or concerns at any time. He also called me on several occasions to see how I was doing. He called me several hours after discharge just to make sure I made it home with no complications. On one occasion, I called him with questions on a Saturday, and he spent time talking to me while picking his son up from a ski hill. Dr. Saxton cares enough about his patients' comfort level that he will take time out of his weekend to answer questions if need be. His hospital, Gundersen Lutheran, is rated a center of excellence for the Nuss procedure. Since 2005, more Nuss procedures have been performed at Gundersen Lutheran than at any other hospital in the upper midwest. If you live in the midwest and are considering the Nuss procedure, I would highly recommend having a consult with Dr. Saxton. La Crosse, WI is located in west central Wisconsin. It is approximately a 5 hour drive from Chicago, 3 and a half hours from Milwaukee and about 2 and a half hours from the Twin Cities.

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