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Teen lifts himself to health

Teen lifts himself to health

And now the 6-foot-4 Taylor has become a stud. He said the surgeon had advised him to do weight training to build up his chest muscles. A stronger chest could help prevent a recurrence of pectus excavatum.

“He became obsessed with working out,” Stacey said. “His daddy was his personal trainer for a while.” Taylor said that in ninth grade, he was able to take weight training for physical education. In his sophomore year, he received a certificate during class awards because he had excelled so much in the class. “He loved it and loves it today,” Stacey said. “He drinks protein shakes every day — all natural. He’s worked hard to overcome everything. He stuck with it. I’m proud of him.”

Taylor said he’s thinking of a career as a plumber or electrician. But he may choose to become a personal trainer on the side. He said he wants to help others improve their bodies. “I’m glad I went through surgery,” Taylor said.

“I can breathe easier and I’m not afraid to take my shirt off.” - See more at: http://courier-tribune.com/news/teen-lifts-himself-health#sthash.2HihItTd.dpuf 

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