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  • District champ Vester shows ‘metal’ for swimming

District champ Vester shows ‘metal’ for swimming

District champ Vester shows ‘metal’ for swimming

Not every swimmer at the state meet in Canton has had a metal bar in his or her chest.

Indian Hill High School senior Sam Vester, a state participant all four years, had one from the time he was 6 until he was 9.

From an early age, he noticed something physically different about himself. He also would tire easy playing soccer with his face getting beet red. “I had a dent in the center of my chest,” Vester said.

“It’s called a pectus excavatum. The surgery to fix that involves putting a metal bar in your chest for however many years they determine.” Fortunately, Vester’s family has a medical background. His father, Russell, is a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon. His grandfather, the late Dr. John Vester, was one of the first local television medical experts on WKRC-TV.

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