Clever Trevor's Vintage Chest Raiser

Clever Trevor's Vintage Chest Raiser

May 26, 2017  


Clever Trevor's Vintage Chest Raiser

On 20 June, 2017 Trevor Zadro Jones, a 14-year-old Blue Mountains boy, will undergo surgery to reconstruct his chest. Trevor has a congenital deformity called Pectus Excavatum. Trevor's is a severe case. As he has grown quickly to 188cm the condition has quickly exacerbated, and it is causing health challenges that are likely to increase without surgical intervention. Undergoing surgery before he stops growing is more likely to be more successful.

So in one month surgeons will insert metal bars inside Trevor's ribcage in front of his vital organs. The operation will immediately re-shape his sternum - a painful procedure and recovery, as his ribs are reshaped.

In 2 - 3 years he will have further surgery to remove the bar, leaving his newly molded bones in place. 

Can you help? We aim to raise the funds needed to help the family pay medical bills and expenses (they will lose working income to be with Trev for the long haul). 

Friends of the family have rallied to organise a Clever Trevor's Vintage Chest-raiser, a vintage village fair, at the Mid Mountains Neighbourhood Centre on 10 June 4-8pm, and this gofundme campaign. Twenty percent of funds raised from the vintage fair will go to the Rowen Wkeng Appeal.

Thank you for your support of Trevor's family at this very difficult time. And good luck, Trev.