Magnetic mini-mover procedure

magnetsThe magnetic mini-mover procedure is a technique used to correct pectus excavatum by using two magnets to realign the sternum with the rest of the chest and ribcage.  One magnet is inserted 1 cm into the patients body on the lower end of the sternum, the other is placed externally onto a custom fitted brace. These two magnets generate around 0.04 tesla (T) in order to slowly move the sternum outwards over a number of {months or} years. The maximum magnetic field that can be applied to the body safely is around 4 T, making this technique safe from a magnetic viewpoint. The 3MP technique's main advantages are that it is more cost-effective than major surgical approaches such as the Nuss procedure and it is considerably less painful postoperatively. One potential adverse effect of 3MP is inactivation of implanted devices such as an artificial pacemaker. Since the 3MP is still in a trial period it is unknown whether long term wearing of the magnet will affect the skin or other vital organs.

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