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As I got older I starting getting fatigued and even passing out from activity that should not cause that kind of reaction. I did not know anything about PE at the time (I was 40 years old). I had an extreme 'dent' but it was just how I grew up, it was my normal. My GP and I talked about my fatigue and ran a battery of tests on me including an ecocardiogram. The result was I had a healthy heart and should not be having these symptoms. She suspected because of my extreme PE, maybe my heart and lungs did not have room to work.

Thus started my journey into the world of PE surgery. I met with some cardiothoracic surgeons in my area (I am from Texas). They did not inspire a lot of confidence. I am sure they were capable, but none had done a procedure on someone my age. They(2 different surgeons) also said they could correct my PE with one bar. The little bit I had read, I was not sure about that. Also, when it came time to talk about surgery dates, both were available at my leisure. This might not be fair, but in my life when I hire someone for job, they really good ones usually have a list of people to get to before they get to me. With those red flags I decided to broaden my search outside of Texas.

That is when I found Dr J. I am grateful I found her and Mayo. She inspired a lot of confidence in our first meeting. I was a bit of an edge case because of my age and severity of the PE, but I could tell she had 'been there, done that'. I decided to schedule a surgery date. Not to my surprise, I had to look 6 months out to get on her schedule. The surgery date came and she put in 3 bars. Everything went as she said it would. The recovery was probably one of the most painful things I have had to endure but her team managed it well. Prepare yourself for this and listen to her and her team and you will be fine. They really knew what was going to happen before it happened and were on top of my care.

I have been in and out of a few hospitals and I think Mayo and Dr J were the most concerned about my care and well being than any I have been in. I had the bars out 3 years after the initial procedure and it went very easy compared to the bar insertion.

The bottom line:
1. I am happy with the result.
2. I am grateful I found her and I feel fortunate she practices in a facility like Mayo.
3. If you need this kind of help, you will not find someone better.

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