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I had a NUSS redo with Prof. Dr. Klaus Schaarschmidt my first one was not very successful (but according to my surgeon was alright) so I get in touch with Prof. Dr. Dr. Schaarschmidt again to speak what could be done ... And I after one unsuccessful operation and the fact that I have to pay for my op this time and it is in foreign country makes me very anxious . But meeting him in person discussing the options possibilities and outcome and everything that could come to my mind makes me regret that I did not manage to go with him from the first time ...
His knowledge and experience is flawless and he was the only one who manage to see how the things are and how it should be and manage to do it (honestly I am 34 at this time and I was discussing the problem since I was 13 with doctors from 4 different countries) and from what he told to me makes perfect sense ...

So After my discussion with him we set up a date I done the payment and proceed with Operation ...
After operation I spent few days in intensive care where my pains and discomfort was handled better than expected ...Honestly I receive so many injections and did not felt even a slight discomfort ... I have not imagine that it is possible to be in a hospital full with skillful Stuff ...

About my recovery I am really impressed I never ever dreamed that it could be so fast and smooth so far I can say you can measure it with minutes and hours and days ... I will give you an example if I feel something difficult to do on my physiotherapie in the morning by noon I can do it and in the evening I was able to do it freely ...

With my hospital stay I was pushed to do physiotherapie and lots of breathing exercises which helped me to expand my lungs to the newspace and I was reaching more and more volume after every time I was exercising ... with therapie after the operation it speed up my recovery even more ...

Now about my look ...It looks good no it looks awesome better than expected now my chest muscles looks bigger and by that I mean 2 times more longer and wider ... my Sternum looks in place with nothing more and nothing less my voice become much more dense, powerful and relaxed (before I was sounding like I am nervous or angry at you) which makes a lot of difference when you speak with people ...

My first operation was done by two top surgeons and my second was done by Prof. Dr. Dr. Schaarschmidt and if I have to recommend someone it will be him because: His knowledge , experience , Very Important My RECOVERY TIME and Availability (I was manage to see him almost every day and he held me use the devices to exercise my lungs the right way )

So If you are looking for this type of operation you better go with him from the first time it makes a lot of difference to have it done the right way and to be back to your normal life as soon as possible

probably will ad pictures in future when I have more time and if you have any questions feel free to ask

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February 22, 2019
I just wrote a very similar review urging people to come see the professor first and not have to go through what we both went through. Hopefully my review will be printed soon.
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