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(Updated: March 25, 2019)
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I had my nuss redo performed in the beginning of this year by Prof Schaar. I am an international patient that needed to correct a previously failed nuss that left me with a hybrid asymmetric pectus carinatum and excavatum deformity.

Prof Schaar removed the bars that my first surgeon had put in and placed two new bars. He completely fixed my pectus excavatum. The surgery not only improved my chest, but also my posture, I could finally stand up straight. However, I currently do still have an obvious asymmetric carinatum deformity. My pec muscles also appear to have been spread further apart after the surgery creating a huge muscle division on my sternum.

My stay in Berlin was short and without any complications. I was there for approximately 10 days before I was discharged. The nurses in the ward were pleasant and the ones in the ICU were absolutely world class! I have no complaints with any of them.

I am under a year post op and still have some general discomfort which has been managed through breathing exercise and physiotherapy.
I want to conclude that it is important to choose a surgeon with experience, and only a few in the world have a level of expertise to give consistently good results. I am glad I choose Schaar for my redo.

If anyone has any questions, I would be happy to answer them. You can shoot me a message on this platform. Goodluck on your journey!!

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