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Assymetrical PC + ribflare
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I first noticed that I had pectus when I was 12 years old when a friend of mine commented it during a shower after gym class. At first I didn't care but when I got older (14-15) and started to meet girls I got really anxious about it. I didn't really have a big bump, but it was assymetrical and also I had pretty bad rib flare.

Tried to see a doctor here in Sweden but they told me it was nothing, that it wouldn't show when I put on some weight (I was quite skinny as a kid). Of course I started working out and put on alot of weight, and I guess it got alittle bit less prominent. But I still developed a social anexity about it. Summer was the worst, I never wanted to go swim with my friend or take my shirt off. So I would hide inside at the gym or by my computer.

At this time I did some research and figured out that I had PC. I actually read up on Prof Schaarschmidt at this time and printed some info etc and gave the doctor another try. Still they laughed me off and said it was nothing, everyone is diffrent etc.... At that moment I decided that I would work my ass off to be able to pay for the operation myself. So I started to work part time while still in school to start the operation funds. I kept working out of course because I still had some hope that it would eventually hide it enough.

However when I got older, around 19-20, I noticed that I started to get alot of back pain, it was always on my left side (where the bump was "larger") so I had to stop working out. Also I felt like my upper body was always "rotated" when doing some exercise like rows, pull down or overhead lifts. I went to several physiotherapeuts but noone could help me. My back muscle on the left side was underdeveloped and I had a winged scapula on left side.

So finally in the beginning of 2017 I had saved enough money to get the operation done in Berlin. I e-mailed Klaus and sent some pictures. He answered very fast and gave me some answers to my questions like my back issues but he said it would be easier if he could see it in person. So me and my mother took a flight to Berlin to meet him. He looked at my chest and did some measurement and told me indeed I have pectus carinatum. Felt so good to get confirmation that it was actually PC. I asked if he would recommend the surgery, especially with my back/shoulder issues. He said he couldn't promise me anything but that it was likely it would help and that it was up to me to decide. After all it was not a huge PC and it's quite an operation to go through.

But I decided to do it and I got an operation time only 2 months from our meeting which was very quick and nice! However when I got to the hospital on operation day they had forgot to tell me I had to get some tests done like EKG/Blood tests/lung test/x-ray. So the day before operation I had to rush around the hospital just as they were about to close to get the tests but thanks to all the kind doctors it was made in time!

The anaesthesia and operation went well. However the pain when I woke up and the following days/week was alot worse than I anticipated. But the nurses were really nice and if it was to much to bare I could just ask for more painkillers. He fixed both my PC and my flared ribs with 1 bar. Also I want to say the language barrier can be alittle rough sometimes if you don't speak deutsch but with some imagination it is no problems. Also don't cheat on your breathing exercises, it will hurt but you have to do it! Prof Schaarschmidt visited me a few times and made sure I didn't cheat on them but it was tempting sometimes. I also got some water in my lungsack (500ml left side) so I had to puncture it to drain it (350ml) because Klaus told me he wouldn't feel safe with me flying home without having it drained.

Now it's around 6 weeks since my operation, I am quite satisfied. My chest looks really good and also my flared ribs. But I rate the cosmetic part 9/10 since on my right side I still have some flare, nothing major but still. Also I've talked to Prof Schaarschmidt about it and he tells me it is easy to fix during bar removal so I hope he is right! Also it did help alot with the back and shoulder issues which is great. I still have to get my mobility and strength up after all those years with PC but I am sure it will be fine.

I would recommend Dr Schaarschmidt to anyone looking to get the chest fixed. After all he is the most experienced surgeon when it comes to this kind of operations.

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February 03, 2018
I just wanted to comment here because I seem to be developing pectus carinatum again even though I still hav e my bar in. I have been trying to get in touch with Prof, Schaarschmidt but so far no luck.
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