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I had a Ravitch procedure done by Brian Kogon at Emory last year. My pre-op Haller index was 3.3; it is now 3.7. My chest immediately sunk into itself following surgery. I believe that had internal support (a polypropylene mesh or a support strut) been placed in my chest during surgery the results would be significantly better (although perhaps still imperfect). As it is, I will require a second surgery, and much damage has been done to my cartilage that can only be partly repaired. Before surgery, Brian told me no support would be necessary, and I could expect symmetric, near perfect results. At worst, I would have a "flat chest". Following the surgery, I found Dr. Kogon to be dismissive and unwilling to provide meaningful feedback. It is my belief that this stemmed from the fact that he realized post-op that he had wrongly assumed that the mesh or support strut would not be necessary. When I pressed him on this he was , in my opinion, wholly self-serving. I do not respect how this surgeon treated me after surgery, and would not recommend this doctor.

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June 01, 2015
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November 01, 2016
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