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24 Mar 2019
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TOPIC: PEctusaurunuss - Journal

PEctusaurunuss - Journal 3 years 6 months ago #4301

Awesome results, it's amazing that 3 bars were used even though in your pre-op pics the dent looked pretty localized to the lower portion of your sternum. That slight dip you're referring to is 100% normal, I think almost everyone has it to some extent, my guess is that it's a product of the swelling going down. Thanks for all the great info re: recovery, that is going to help a lot of people with their own journeys!

PEctusaurunuss - Journal 3 years 5 months ago #4390

Update at week 10/11.
I am stuck trying to convince myself that I am not sinking/regressing. I hope I am not sinking and it is only swelling going down. I was really afraid to be undercorrected going in but I think that I am undercorrected. I had hoped to err on the side of over correcting. I have some dip the size of a small bread plate in the center about 1cm in depth so probably 85-90% corrected with bars in at week 11. The whole area is somewhat flat - no rounded shape to it like a normal chest. It still looks much better than before just not quite all it could have been.

I will be really bummed if I regress any from here on as I think 85-90% correction is my best scenario going forward, which would still be pretty good. Not perfect, but I'll take it. I think that rib flare reduction will help the appearance when the bars come out. I gave up on bracing as the soft brace didn't appear to be forcing the flares back down once they had popped back up post surgery.

You can see it best with arms raised so here is an album showing pre surgery (2 pics), week 2 (middle one pic it appears flatter - due to swelling?), today (last 2 pics).

Feeling very out of shape and have lost 20lbs. Stretching and doing stationary bike daily with very very light weights still as my post surgical xray hasn't been cleared. I can see the larger flat area and slight dip of bottom part of sternum in the xray at 8 weeks.

PEctusaurunuss - Journal 3 years 5 months ago #4395

I also went through this phase of doubting my repair but you look normal. That tiny spot you see that looks like it "fell in" is just due to swelling going down. No one has a flat chest like a board in that area so a tiny 1/8"-1/4" dip is completely normal actually.

PEctusaurunuss - Journal 3 years 1 month ago #5293

Quickie update at 7mo. (since I missed a 6mo milestone update)

Started to notice a rib sinking (side dent) on the right side a couple of inches below the nipple but difficult to show in pics. This has happened rather quickly over last 5 weeks or so and is likely from the bar across the deepest spot. I also get bar end pain/stiffness that radiates around the back from the pressure. Fingers crossed it doesn't keep progressing. Advice from Mayo was to continue recovery as-is and monitor any further increase. I am keeping a photo journal every month or so to document progression.

I am training regularly but cannot lift heavy so I am keeping everything in the 12 rep range and 70%max. Back to my pre-op weight. I feel significant restriction in the chest on certain movements as well (push ups, flat bench are difficult but dips are near impossible w/out pain from lowest bar). I shy away from crunches and prefer to work on leg raises, planks, and ab rollout for core work.

I hope everyone is doing well in their journey to correction and/or recovery.

PEctusaurunuss - Journal 2 years 7 months ago #5945

1 year plus 1day. Hope everyone is finding success in their journey.
I get tightness around bars ends and popping in chest. I have a definite side dent forming on right side just under nipple level. That is causing me some worry. i hope it doesnt progress further.. Tried snowboarding but the twisting involved makes me pay for it later. Golf swing isnt happening at all as i get sharp pain in bar end on right side. Overall many more pains on right side vs left... maybe related to dent forming. Going for 1 yr xray this week so plan to discuss dent w Mayo once they get around to reviewing my films.

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PEctusaurunuss - Journal 2 years 7 months ago #5947

Yep, I'd say par for the course to be honest. Especially at our age. I remember swinging a baseball bat at about the 1 year mark without even thinking about the consequences. Full swing like I was a kid. Man did that hurt. Golf swing for me also just didn't feel right. I'm sure if you kept at it, you could make it work or alter your swing a bit. Most of these activities get easier after the initial ouch moments. You just have to tear that scar tissue a little each time until you get full movement back. Randy on these forums has side dents too. I went the opposite and have some ribs sticking out from the bar pressure. Hope the next 2 years flies by for you. Keep us updated on your progress. Looks like you're in the gym pretty regularly and watching your diet though. Kudos.

PEctusaurunuss - Journal 2 years 7 months ago #5968

since my side dents started to develop when I was working out heavily again, I have decided to start segmenting the exercises that I think may be exacerbating it . I recently stopped doing squats with barbell and shrugs as I hypothesize that the compression they cause in the rib cage may have been related to the side dents forming. Will update any findings over next couple months.

PEctusaurunuss - Journal 6 months 6 hours ago #8951

Wow, over 2 years since I updated this. I am now past 3 years but no plans to get it done this year. I had a few complications. Injured some ribs swinging a golf club that left pain lasting 4 months or so. In best shape of life now. Guess I'll update some pics soon. Hope everyone is doing well.

PEctusaurunuss - Journal 5 months 4 weeks ago #8952

Hi PEctusaurunuss!
We met at Mayo 3 years ago when we had the bars put in. I was actually thinking about you and wondering when you were going to have the bars removed. I am heading back to Phoenix next week to have mine removed. I really haven’t had much in the way of complications, so I am excited to have them taken out! I’ll let you know how the procedure goes. Glad you are doing well!
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