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24 Mar 2019
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TOPIC: 38 yo male, Nuss 1994, modified Ravitch Aug 2018

38 yo male, Nuss 1994, modified Ravitch Aug 2018 6 months 2 weeks ago #8874

Thank you for sharing. I am 6 weeks post op modified Ravitch. I wonder if you too experienced feeling like the area around the incision is super taut/tight? I liken it to having a too tight belt around the area. I also swear I can feel the bio-bridge stabilizer(s) scraping across the ribs.

38 yo male, Nuss 1994, modified Ravitch Aug 2018 6 months 2 weeks ago #8875

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Hi GodsChild,

Yes, the front of my chest felt very tight for quite some time. Physical therapy has helped a lot, but it can still feel fairly tight. That's funny that you describe it like a tight belt around the chest, that's exactly how I described it to my family and friends too!

I don't have a bio-bridge or stabilizers, so I can't speak to how that feels. I can't imagine that a scraping feeling is very pleasant. I have a 7" steel bar, similar to a Nuss bar, under the sternum. I can definitely feel it there when I breathe, and was quite uncomfortable for a few months post-op. As time goes by, I'm slowly getting more used to it. The front of my chest is still quite numb to the touch.

My doctor told me that the Ravitch recovery is a long, slow process, and it's important not to rush things. It's okay to take your time healing. Do you plan on doing physical therapy? I began PT about two months post-op and continue to have a session every other week. I started very slowly, easing into simple range of motion movements. I'm now able to do more strengthening exercises, which feels pretty good. I lost basically all of my upper body and ab strength after the surgery.

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