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24 Mar 2019
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TOPIC: 3 x nuss bars

3 x nuss bars 2 years 1 week ago #6641

  • Malai
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I'm close to getting my nuss surgery for severe/extreme pe.
My surgeon is leaning towards using three bars - how many others here have three?
Any ladies out there with three?
What has been your experience?


3 x nuss bars 2 years 1 week ago #6642


Here is an example of the distribution of the number of bars for a particular surgeon
(See table1, table2 and table 3)


3 bars is rather rare but happens for "old" patient with important deformity. The maximum I know is 4 bars. I hope your surgeon is used to the use of 3 bars. I personally have an extreme pectus and depending on the surgeon I was advised to get "2 bars", "2 or 3 bars" and "3 or 4 bars". I think it will finally be 3 bars.

Good luck with your surgery,


3 x nuss bars 1 year 11 months ago #6681

  • Anna
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Hi Malai,

There is no set rule for the number of bars. It really depends on the "topology" of the patient's pectus. Some are progressive, ie. the slope of the sternum starts quite high on the torso with a gentle angle (it can lead to very severe cases, yet they are not that obvious - I'm one of those patient). And in other patients, the sternum is quite flat up to 2/3 down and then there is a sharp angle at the bottom of the sternum, and it looks more like a hole. And obviously the vast majority of patients is between those two extremes. In the first case a higher number of bars is required. the number of bars also depends on the height of the torso. For a petite woman one might be enough, but for a tall woman with a "gentle slope" 3 bars might be the best option.

Good luck


3 x nuss bars 1 year 11 months ago #6709

  • Fish
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I have 3 bars, so far so good, more bars should help distribute the pressure from your chest wall hopefully resulting in less pain.
Good luck with your surgery!

3 x nuss bars 1 year 9 months ago #6831

Sorta an older thread, but for what it's worth I have three bars. I've had them for a little over a year and a half. Things have been good. My PE was bad, but not the worst, I just needed three bars cause of how big I am and long the dent was.

I can say that I feel a little fused in my torso when trying to stretch, and I imagine its a little more of a fused feeling than someone with a single or two bar solution, but still it's doable. I forget I have them most of the day.
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